My Story

Sander van Heukelom combines traditional and high-tech techniques with unusual materials to achieve surprising results. His special interest in 3D and love for experimenting are the basis of his expertise in plastics and epoxy. That, combined with his graffiti background, also led to him designing ‘The Original Fat Cap Chair’.

Letters often play a major role in his (graphic) work. Currently he is studying old engravings that he brings to life with laser technology. “My artwork is not just to look at, my intention is that it invites you to touch it too.”

From his studio in Den Haag, Sander – as Mr Laser Cut – makes a wide variety of laser-cut and CNC-milled 2D and 3D products of various materials for the cultural and commercial clients.


Laser engraved antique illustrations

Enhance your living space with these charming laser cut artworks. Original 1884 illustrations lasered into wood, creating a depth and dimension that brings each image to life. Showcasing the lost art of wood craftsmanship, each piece gives you a glimpse into nature’s past while bringing its plants and insects into the present.

FontForm color

This new series of typographic objects is based on fonts used by graphic designers and transformed into a form. The multiple layers of colored perspex refering to the multiple colored layers in the graffiti art but which are always covered by new colors. By putting colored perspex on top of each other in a well balanced and over thought order, the Fontform objects come alive and give you an inside look.

FontForm transparant

This series of brilliant wall art owes its name Fontform to its origin: letters which have taken on an iconic form through its material type and composition. The contrast between the frosted black and differing layers of transparent plexiglas give Fontform a mirror effect. The space around the Fontform is reflected by the art object itself. Each corner of the room produces a different light facet in the object and in this way creates a new perspective from each angle it is viewed.

Fat Cap Chairs

Beauty is found in small things. Things like spray cans, even spray can caps. This is how the idea for this project came about. In the past years, spray cans have played a big role in my work, but I never paid much attention to them otherwise. Until 2007. The simple yet interesting form of the cap inspired me to design two original and at the same time practical chairs: The Original Fat Cap Chair & The New York Fat Cap Chair.


Since 2007 i have been experimenting with new materials to create a new artform Polyism. Colour lacquers and chemicals form the basis for figurative and abstract work which are produced with the wet-on-wet technique. During this new process, chemical reactions cause the merging of images and colour planes, during which “manageable accidents” lead a fascinating interplay of forms and lines.

Experimenting laser cutting

With a 20 year background in the graphic industry and my fascination with layers, I am trying to push my laser cutter to its limits (an ongoing process). Mainly I am trying to experiment with different techniques, materials and software to generate amazing works of art and find out the limits of those ingredients.